At Bravo Technical Services, we are proud to work with DigitalTest in-circuit test systems. DigitalTest is an industry leader in automated test systems for electronics, known for its innovative approach to quality management across every step of the manufacturing process. We have been exceeding customer expectations with DigitalTest service since 2003, and have been the only ISO/IEC 17025 certified in-circuit test laboratory since 2008. Some of the services we offer for DigitalTest systems include:

Hardware Repair and Replacement Parts

We provide a full range of repair services, on-site or by mail, for DigitalTest in-circuit test systems. Our technicians perform all OEM-scheduled maintenance, including optional ISO 17025 standards and comprehensive calibrations.

We also carry a wide selection of replacement parts for DigitalTest equipment, on location or by manufacturer order. Check out our online catalog to see if your component is in stock. If not, we are happy to help with repair exchange service to meet your immediate in-circuit testing needs while we work to obtain the parts your system requires.

Preventive Maintenance and Calibration

Bravo Technical Services offers regular maintenance packages at manufacturer-recommended service intervals, bundling calibration, performance testing, and more into one on-site event. We also offer optional comprehensive calibration, detailed as-found data, and other additional services to ensure your equipment meets ISO 17025 standards. In most cases, maintenance cycles are annual or biennial. In environments with exceptional noise, vibration, or dust, your DigitalTest system may require quarterly maintenance.

We also offer recurring service agreements from limited support contracts for scheduled visits to mission-critical high uptime assurances. Contact us to explore our flexible contract terms and pricing for DigitalTest maintenance and calibration.


We offer training programs for DigitalTest systems ranging from a four-hour introduction to an in-depth five-day course including basic maintenance and repair in addition to operational concerns.

At Bravo Technical Services, our skilled team provides the most comprehensive DigitalTest services that you can’t find anywhere else. We are your one-stop shop and can meet all of your needs. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that we have the knowledge and expertise to effectively help you. Let our positive customer reviews speak for themselves and see why we are the top choice for DigitalTest replacement parts, preventative maintenance, calibration, and even training. Our team is passionate about what we do and we will always treat you with the respect and friendliness that you deserve. If you’re ready to work with the industry leaders in in-circuit test system calibration, call Bravo Technical Services at (812) 235-3757 to find out how we can help you get the most out of your DigitalTest systems!