What’s the Importance of Calibration Services?

genrad calibration services

Calibration services are vital in any place where measurements are needed. It helps users have confidence in the results they are monitoring and controlling. While this is an essential task for all activities, many people are unsure how calibration can assist you. Read more about the importance of calibration services.

What Is Calibration?

The simple explanation of calibration is that it is the process of comparing the measured value from an instrument under test with a known standard that is highly accurate. According to Engineering.com, instrument calibration involves comparing two instruments and their measurements, one that has a known magnitude or correctness, against which the tested unit is measured. Bravo Technical Services can assist you with your calibration needs for all of your GenRad, Teradyne, HP, Agilent, Keysite, and DigitalTest equipment.

Why Is Calibration Important?

Calibration is the accuracy and quality of the recorded measurements by any piece of equipment. As time passes, there is a push to look at the results and not pay attention to factors that caused the results, such as humidity and temperature. The best way to be confident in the results requires calibration at some frequency throughout the life of the item. You cannot calibrate the equipment once and forget it. You want to see accurate and repeatable measurements throughout the life of the piece of equipment. Bravo Technical Services helps to ensure your equipment is calibrated regularly. Regular calibration helps to control and reduce errors within the process.

What Needs to Be Calibrated?

Bravo Technical Services can help you understand what items and equipment need calibration. Equipment such as GenRad, Teradyne, HP, Agilent, Keysite, and DigitalTest should be tested and calibrated once it has been modified or repaired. In-circuit testers require testing and calibration, even when there are no changes or modifications to the instrument. If there has been any vibration, shock, or exposure to the equipment that can impact, damage, or pull the equipment out of calibration, the items need to be recalibrated.

If you have any questions or needs related to calibration, contact Bravo Technical Services to assist with your GenRad calibration services today to have all of your questions answered. We can help provide valuable testing for all of your equipment today and in the future.

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